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Direct Mail: Still a Bargain for Marketers


The USPS and direct mail as an advertising medium remain a bargain for marketers. Great direct mail is about understanding your segments and varying your offers and messaging to uniquely resonate with each of your targeted groups. Most of your testing should be done with your lists and data, and then your offers and messaging, factors that account for 70 percent to 80 percent of the success of a campaign. When testing creative, start with different copy, considering it is the words on paper that compel us to respond, then move to different design, new formats and your media mix in a multi-channel campaign. Timing is another big factor in direct mail that often gets overlooked, but marketers should review past results to better understand their seasonality and should consider how and how often they reach out to their target market. Social media is great for engagement, but it is not the way to consummate a marriage. Direct mail can help close the loop and boost ROI.