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Green options

Tall Oak Printing understands that printing by nature and in simple terms is not “green”. But environmentally friendlier options are available to meet even the most demanding “green clients”.

Recycled papers, Forest Stewardship Council (visit chain of custody process and wind powered production facilities are a few options.

Sometimes the easiest ways to be “green” are the easiest and least expensive, really! Here are three:

  1. Only order what you need! Ordering the most “green” product then throwing away 5% or more of the leftovers is not really “green”.
  2. Source local! Moving production to a wind powered production facility 300 miles away then trucking the product to you is not so “green”. Maybe compromise to a nice local FSC facility or a facility using a 100% recycled stock and save that non-green trucking.
  3. Lose the inserts! If you are not targeting specific clients with mailing inserts, then you can be a lot more “green”. Lose the inserts that go to all and add a QR code…

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Isn’t that a little easier and a lot more “green” then a FSC or recycled sheet of paper?